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First Wave of Weapons Arrive for 'A Mandalorina's Way'

Classic Mandalorian Westar 35 Hand Blasters & Mandalorian Blaster Rifle by 3D Print Merc Mart

Brian Payne is the owner and craftsman of "3D Print Merc Mart". Brian uses 3D printer technology to make a variety of items.  He is a master at finishing the items to look like they came direct from a Star Wars set.  Speaking of Star Wars, Brian is also a proud member of the Southern California Garrison / Inland Empire Squad of the 501st Legion. He is Stormtrooper TK-50976.  To visit his Esty store, click on the image above. To learn more about the 501st Legion, the Southern California Garrison and the Inland Empire Squad, click on their respected emblems below.